Gay Milligin has been the acknowledged real estate specialist in Rancho Embarcadero (AKA the "Canyon") for years. She has represented Sellers and/or Buyers of more than 60 different Canyon properties - some of them several times over the years.

Here are some highlights:

Gay is the owner and broker of Gay Milligin & Company. She started in real estate sales in Santa Barbara over twenty years ago, after receiving a B.A. in Home Economics & Science at UCSB, and teaching in the Santa Barbara and Ventura High School Districts for years. With dedication and a natural ability to listen and learn what her clients’ needs truly are, it didn’t take long for Gay to reach the national top one percent of 70,000 agents of a nationwide company in the early 80’s. Shortly after that she became the general manager of the office and obtained her broker’s license. In 1992 she established Gay Milligin & Company.

As one of the most respected agents and managers in the area, Gay was recruited and joined another very successful local company as a consultant/manager in 1995. After very successful years in ‘95 & ‘96 Gay elected to return to independent sales and management of her own Gay Milligin & Company. Clients and agents all benefit from Gay’s many valuable contacts and years of experience at the large companies she’s worked for and managed, and the team oriented environment she’s coordinated at Gay Milligin & Company.

Gay’s business cell phone number is (805) 689-8090.

Link to the Gay Milligin & Company web site.

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